How to make money online Copy paste Job $10-$12 daily

How to make money online Copy paste Job $10-$12 daily: I am 100% sure after reading this article you will we surprise to get this method of How to make money online by Copy and Paste Job.

You can also use VPN for Self Clicking, No need to share the shortened link with anyone Just Install VPN in your Mobile or Pc select any country and Start Clicking on your Links that were shorten by you and make money Online.

How to make money online 

How to make money online
How to make money online

The simplest way to make money online by using this method.


For this, you have to follow few steps 

Step 1: Click on [Register now] option to Join.

signup now
Signup now

Step 2: Click Sign Up option and Create your account.


Step 3: Click on Setting Option and Fill all your details.

Fill all your details

Step 4: Now back to your Dashboard and Click on New shorten Link.

Step 5: Copy any URL from Google and Paste it.

Step 6: Click on Shorten.

short link
Short any Link

Step 7: Copy that Shortens Link and shares in Whatsapp groups.

My one-day earning proof; I withdraw from Paytm

Main dashboard

Payment on Dashboard
Payment on Dashboard

Paytm Withdrawl
Paytm Withdrawl

Payout rate from this makes money online website.

Payout rate

Payout rate

Requirement : 

1. Smartphone

2. Internet connection.

3. 10-20 Whatsapp group [if you don't have then Search on Google]

4. Daily 20-30 min time.

If you have all then Why are you waiting for? Just sign up and Start earning.

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Conclusion : 

In this article, "How to make money online" we learn the best method of copy paste online earning from Android and also get some tips to earn fast.

If you have any problem regarding this article then please comment below, I will help you to get more money online from this site.

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Thank you.

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